THET Sharing and Learning Event 2018

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13th November 2018

With the 2017 year ending approaching, THET Myanmar brought all (both UK and Myanmar) stakeholders from three health partnership projects funded by THET in Myanmar in 2017. The objectives of this “Sharing & Learning” event were to share the working experiences from different projects, to learn how thematic challenges across all projects were tackled and to explore the understanding and embedment of partnerships principles in reality for future stronger collaboration. It started off by presentations from each partnership work; which included

  1. Cambridge Global Health Partnership (CGHP) & Yangon General Hospital Orthopaedics team
  2. CGHP & YGH Physical Rehabilitation team
  3. CGHP & YGH Pathology team
  4. CGHP & YGH ICU Team
  5. NIHR Global Traumatic Brain Injury network & YGH Neurotrauma team
  6. World Child Cancer & Yangon Children Hospital Cancer team
  7. Royal College of General Practitioners and General Practitioners Society.

They were then split into four different groups and discussed about the aspects of partnerships model which went well and explored the areas to improve if future opportunities arise for collaboration.

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